As part of the new Shortz range, we’re bringing you four new flavoursome juices inspired by some of the nation’s favourite drinks.

The Strawbizzle is a rejuvenating liquid that is like no flavour out there.

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The standard strawberry flavour has been flipped on it’s head producing a liquid that is nothing short of revolutionary. With each inhale you’ll taste the sweet strawberry that is quickly enhanced with a sherbet zest, sending your mouth into a euphoric fizzle twizzle.
This unique tasting liquid is a one of a kind blend with a sweet nature and zesty afterbite. Strawbizzle is one of four new additions to the Shortz range, the range that brought you the surreal slushy flavoured liquids. Features:

    New Shortz range featuring four delightful flavours in a 70VG / 30PG mix!
    50ml of juice in a 75ml bottle, allowing you to create either a 3mg or 6mg liquid easily.
    Top tip: add 1 bottle of  Pro Nic for 3mg and 2 bottles for 6mg.



Vampire Vape Shortz

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