Wick Liquor Kurimu Shortfill 50ml 0mg


Satisfy your sweet tooth with Kurimu shortfills, featuring three unique fruits and creamy yoghurt flavours.These delicious blends perfectly capture the strong and ripe flavours that are delicately layered into the thick kurimu yoghurt.

This shortfill juice comes with 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, leaving enough room for nicotine if desired as this comes with 0mg. Do note this bottle contains a high VG ratio of 80VG/20PG. Wick Liquor Shortfills come with the three following flavours:

  • Miyako Apricot
  • Miyako Forest Fruits
  • Miyako Raspberry

Wick Liquor Kurimu Shortfill 50ml 0mg available in 3 flavours.

Miyako Apricot
Satisfy your taste buds with Miyako Apricot, a fantastic fruit yoghurt combo that offers a creamy and flavoursome vape.
The sweetened apricot seamlessly blends into the thick textured kurimu yoghurt that delights the senses with every inhale.

Miyako Forest Fruits
Delight your senses with Miyako Forest Fruits, a delicious jam and yoghurt rendition filled with the darkest fruits of the forest.
The thick layers of the kurimu yoghurt absorb the ripened fruit flavours to deliver a rich and flavoursome taste that rejuvenates your taste buds.

Miyako Raspberry
Take your vape further with Miyako Raspberry, a bittersweet mix with vibrant raspberry flavours with a complimentary kurimu yoghurt.
The thick and luscious texture of the kurimu yoghurt blends brilliantly with the sweetness of the raspberries whilst drawing out the tart undertones.


Wick Liquor

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Miyako Apricot, Miyako Forest Fruits, Miyako Raspberry