Nom Nomz 50ml 0mg shortfill


Nom Nomz collection of shortfills is exploding with the freshest range of wild fruit and creamy dessert flavours. From freshly picked summer berries to banana and custard, jelly and sweet fruit salad, this range of e-liquids has been made to suit every vaper with it’s wide range of refreshing tasty blends. 

This 50ml 0mg shortfill comes in a 60ml bottle. Simply add 10ml nicotine shot to make this e-liquid 3mg strength. 

Available in the following flavours: 

  • Citrus Black 
  • Dewy Glow 
  • Jellyfish 
  • Monkey Brek 
  • Nom Bongo 
  • Nom Bongo Ice 
  • Strawberry Ambrosia 
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Nom Nomz Shortfill 60ml bottles are available in 7 flavours: 

Citrus Black 
A tangy mix of absinthe, aniseed and liquorice blended with exotic citrus notes. This sweet e-liquid blend is a tingling mix of moreish flavours which is has a gentle throat hit. 

Dewy Glow 
A refreshing blend of sweet raspberries, fresh blueberries and juicy apples. A naturally revitalizing taste of freshly picked summer berries which is a tasty fusion of fruits. 

A tropical mix of fresh fruit infused jelly. Taste the sweet sugary blend of refreshing fruits in Jellyfish e-liquid, which is based on the popular fruity dessert. 

Monkey Brek 
A creamy banana flavoured dessert flavoured e-liquid tasting of sweet custard mixed with a biscuit after taste. Monkey Brek is an indulgent flavour packed full of ripe banana which has a powerful taste, leaving a sweet explosion of flavours in your mouth. 

Nom Bongo
Nom Bongo is an exotic blend of fresh peach, juicy papaya and sweet mango. Taste the tropical fusion of fruits which perfectly compliment each other in this premium e-liquid. 

Nom Bongo Ice 
A fruity mix of sweet tropical fruits infused with a cooling icy after taste. Experience the fresh blend of mango, papaya and peach with an ice cold breeze in Nom Bongo Ice e-liquid. 

Strawberry Ambrosia 
Refreshing strawberries have been mixed with sweet, warm custard in this moreish dessert e-liquid. Strawberry Ambrosia is a fresh blend of ripe berries which mixes perfectly with the creamy taste of Devon’s finest custard. 


Nom Nomz


Citrus Black, Dewy Glow, Jelly Fish, Monkey Brek, Nom Bongo, Nom Bongo Ice, Strawberry Ambrosia