Drip Sauce Shortfill 50ml 0mg


Redefine your vape with this excellent selection of shortfill flavours, featuring a range of sweet, fruity and icy mixtures that will entice and revive your taste buds.

This 50ml shortfill comes with extra space for a nicotine shot and features a blend of 80VG/20PG which offers the optimal sub-ohm experience.

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Delight your taste buds with this premium shortfill range, featuring a variety of bold flavours.

Cinna Bun
Hit the sweet spot with this cinnamon treat, featuring a warm, soft dough entwined with cinnamon and delicately drizzled with sugary icing.

Crispy Treats
Indulge your senses with the brilliant blend of rice crispies, caramel and marshmallows. The flavours work in harmony to deliver a tantalising flavour that lasts long after each exhale.

Fruit Salad
Feel refreshed with this bold medley of ripe fruit flavours that entwine seamlessly to deliver a bold tasting fruity vape.

Rhubarb Custard
Relive your younger days with this retro flavour, compromised of tart rhubarb flavours that are beautifully softened with a delicious vanilla custard.

Lemon Tart
Nourish your taste buds with this excellent rendition of the classic dessert, featuring a warm biscuit crumble with a layer of thick zesty lemon compote.

Jelly Babbies
Satisfy your sweet tooth this deliciously sweet mixed fruit medley with a delightful sugary undertone that delivers a strong tasting vape with every inhale.

Strawberry Candy
Enjoy a sweet treat with this vibrant hard candy flavour, featuring strong strawberry flavours with a sweet essence that highlights the delicate fruit flavour.

Reminisce on the old days with the juicy strawberry Strillions flavour. The sweet strawberry features a powerful juicy undertone that lifts the mixture, perfectly mimicking the tastes of those delightful pink strawberry balls.

Purple Slush
Rejuvenate your taste buds with this brilliant grape flavour that is boldly transformed by the icy undertone. The cooling element heightens the juicy grapes, delivering a more flavoursome hit with every inhale.

50ml Juice in a 60ml Bottle


Drip Sauce

Drip Sauce

Blue Slush, Cinna Bun, Crispy Treats, Custard Cream, Double Whammy, Fruit Salad, Jelly Babbies, Jolly Rancher, Lemon Tart, Purple Haze, Purple Slush, Rhubarb Custard, Strawberry Candy, Strillions, Vampires Blood