Aim high with Catapult, the delectable blackcurrant, summer fruits mixture with an icy cold kick. The fruity flavours offer a sweet and calming taste that is quickly lifted by the strong menthol flurry that follows.
The delayed menthol chill brings out the ripeness of the dark fruits blend, leaving behind a revitalising taste that sits on the palate.
Please be aware that flavour concentrates aren’t designed to be directly vaped but mixed into a PG/VG blend of your choice. It’s recommended you dilute between 10-20% which will vary, depending on the flavour strengths required. Flavour concentrates are for e-liquid purposes only and should only be used for personal homemade e-liquid.

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Take your taste buds on an adventure with Catapult, the blackcurrant, summer fruits combo with a chilling undertone. Catapult is a beautiful tasting e-liquid with a delayed menthol hit that transforms the flavour into a wicked ice fruit mix.


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